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About Us - Investment

Birch Capital LLC is a real estate investment firm with two equally important goals. Through careful underwriting and due diligence, we invest in real estate projects that will not only provide reasonable returns to our investors and equity partners, but can also provide a significant economic benefit to a community or region – in the form of job creation, increased services and additional tax revenue. Our focus includes municipal facilities, research and medical buildings, institutional and special-use projects in addition to traditional commercial real estate property types.

Birch Capital provides debt and equity capital secured through both domestic and foreign investment to help fund real estate development across the United States. We are committed to identifying opportunity and managing risk for our investors through investments in targeted geographic areas.

With a strategically integrated team of real estate and legal professionals, Birch Capital draws on its expertise in the underwriting, financing and acquisition of commercial real estate to seek out superior and sensible investment opportunities for our clients.